Case Study: Corporate rebranding and raising awareness

morgan-sindell-logoThe Top 100 construction companies league table ranks the UK’s 100 biggest construction companies by turnover and profit. The table is compiled every September.


Project: E=MC2 Public Relations has been strategically involved in two major national business rebranding and awareness campaigns for one of the UK’s largest construction and regeneration groups, who we have worked with since 1994 when the company floated on the Stock Exchange.

The first involved the rebranding of the company’s construction business after the Group’s acquisition of another major UK construction and professional services company in 2007. The second followed the Group’s merging in 2010 of its construction and infrastructure businesses, to create one of the largest multi-disciplinary design, construction and infrastructure companies in the UK.

Action: In both rebrands, E=MC2 Public Relations developed internal and external communications and key messaging strategies aimed at creating understanding, support and confidence in the new business from staff, clients, partners, suppliers and the local and national media. During this time, we built up market awareness and brand visibility and understanding across the company’s business sectors through a series of high impact PR and communications activities delivered at local, regional and national levels.

These ranged from face-to-face meetings and briefings with influencing groups to national press, CSR and advertising campaigns which promoted the enlarged company’s increased construction capability and expertise in delivering large, complex projects. They included the creation of marketing materials, case studies, setting up key speaking opportunities at influential networking events and strategic press interviews. E=MC2 Public Relations also developed local and national community engagement initiatives aimed at raising the new brand’s CSR profile and positioning it as a responsible and caring community player. An example of this was the Save 1,000 Lives blood donation campaign with the National Blood Service, and motivational staff newsletters and weekly communications aimed at gaining support and buy-in from staff, JV partners, suppliers and customers.

Result: For both construction companies, we created high brand visibility in a very short time-frame and highly favourable and positive attitudes to the brands among internal and external audiences. This has helped build brand confidence, attract new customers and win high-profile projects. In the past 10 years the company has moved from a little-known and understood regional construction company to one of the UK’s top five industry players.

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