Press Photography

Top tips on how to get your photos published in the press


  • Every photo should tell a story – your picture should tell your story.
  • Don’t overcrowd or complicate the photo – picture editors don’t want any more than three main subjects in the photo.
  • Try to make your photo interesting for the viewer (avoid handshakes or people standing stiffly in a row).
  • Don’t be afraid to organise and direct your subjects to get the photo you want.
  • People are interested in people, so try to give your photo a ‘human element’. For example, if you are showing-off a top project, include the project team or a specialist working on the project.
  • Check the background of your picture before you take it – is it clean, clutter-free and tidy? Make sure that there aren’t any health and safety issues and remove unsightly cars, unwanted people, animals or obstacles that are not part of the photo.
  • Try to provide the press with a couple of high resolution images in jpeg formats (portrait and landscape versions – you never know what size of space the publication has to fit your photo).  Most print media requires a 300 dpi (dots/pixels per inch) resolution.
  • Don’t go overboard on branding or it will be edited out of your photo or your photo will be binned.