Business acquisitions: Connaught

lovell-logoProject: Our client, a national affordable housebuilding specialist, acquired the majority of Connaught Partnerships’ business out of administration in September 2010. The acquisition transformed the Tamworth-based housing business into a full service, market-leading integrated maintenance business.

Action: There was a pressing need to ensure that the acquisition was viewed positively and that partners and clients would transfer across business previously operated by Connaught. E=MC2 Public Relations led city, trade, regional and local media coverage with a media campaign focusing on the jobs saved through the acquisition and the capability of the new Lovell business.

Result: Our client was able to secure new long-term contracts with 45 local authorities and housing associations for work previously operated by Connaught. Greater awareness was achieved among clients and potential clients of the expanded business’s enhanced capability.

Connaught – Turning a negative story into a positive one

Connaught – Turning a negative story into a positive one

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