E=MC2 Public Relations

scrabbleEstablished in 1992, E=MC2 Public Relations is an affordable full-service national PR and marketing services company providing strategic PR and marketing services across the UK.

E=MC2 Public Relations offers a totally integrated PR approach, combining traditional, digital and social media marketing communications to target the consumers and customers you want to reach. Our highly effective and innovative PR campaigns are designed to engage and grab headlines, build goodwill and create favourable environments that help you win business.

Our specialist services include targeted press releases, SEO copywriting, website / microsite design and content, digital PR, corporate videos and B2B marketing. Our team is made up of highly experienced journalists and PR professionals and we tailor our services to your needs and the rapidly changing media.

We are proud of the professional relationships we’ve built up with key media contacts and journalists over the past 20 years and of our customer culture which is to make every PR project an exceptionally good customer experience.